Explore the night sky

The most used satellite tracker

ISS Detector is available on iPhone and Android

Track many other satellites

Find Hubble, HAM radio satellites, planets, comets and many more. Doppler shift calculations and transmitter frequency information is also available. All available with in-app purchases.

ISS and Tiangong

ISS Detector can track both the ISS and the Chinese SpaceStation Tiangong.

Fast and Easy

Easy to use for the beginner and powerfull for the advanced user

Be surprised

When you receive a notification, get outside and watch the satellites fly by at more then 7 km/s, 25000 km/h, 4.3 mile per second, 15534 mph

See more with Extensions for ISS Detector

Starlink and Famous Objects

Track dozens of bright satellites

Follow the SpaceX Starlink satellite trains in the days after a new launch.

Get your binoculars and see the Starlink satellites move in close formation. Get the Starlink and Famous Objects Extension to follow this.

Locate the Planets and bright Comets

Identify Mars and Jupiter. Or use ISS Detector to point your telescope at Venus. Let ISS Detector help you to find that rare comet! ISS Detector can show you exaclty where to point your telescope or binoculars.

ISS Detector also show the current phase of the moon.

Track hundreds of HAM radio satellites

There are special features for HAM radio. ISS Detector shows you the transmitters and the frequencies of hunderds of satellites. 

The Doppler shift is automatically calculated and displayed on the same screen as the radar. All the info you need is on one screen.

ISS Detector even includes rotator control through the hamlib rotctrl protocol

No more ads

With the purchase of any of the Extensions all the ads will be removed from the app.


You'll also get access to the night mode. The whole screen can be switched to a dim red mode to keep your night vision in a dark environment.

See for yourself

ISS Detector can help you to figure out when and where the International Space Station will fly by. Set up your photo gear to create beautiful pictures.